High-level architecture of the XDC project

All the components and tools at the basis of the projects are production ready; some of them are very mature. As from the project goals, their functionalities will be extended or improved and tested against the requirements of the extreme scale experiments represented in the Consortium to ensure the scalability of all the released products.

The components that will be enhanced or enriched with the new functionalities are the Orchestrator, the Global Federator, the access pattern analyser and the caching systems.

Blue arrows represent interfaces or APIs that need to be created or improved. Grey arrows represent links already available and for which no development is needed in the project.

Users’ icons represent end-users, but also external services that can exploit the APIs provided, i.e. components dealing with jobs management or computing resources provisioning that are not subject matter for this proposal.

The foundations of the architecture are based on well-established open components, like:

In order to facilitate interoperability, standardization and adoption, the XDC architecture uses open standards and protocols available on the state-of-the-art distributed computing ecosystems to guarantee that the released components can be easily plugged into the European e-Infrastructures and in general on cloud based computing environments.