On January 25th, 2019 the eXtreme-DataCloud project announced the general availability of its first public software release, codenamed Pulsar. Read the press release.

Most complex software contains bugs, we are not an exception. One of the features of free and open source software is the ability to report bugs, helping to fix or improve the software you use.

eXtreme-DataCloud project uses the INDIGO Catch-All GGUS – Support Unit and the info@extreme-datacloud.eu mailing list for general support requests. More details regarding each product support channels are provided in the respective products release pages.

Developers, researchers and IT enthusiasts: feel free to contact us at info@extreme-datacloud.eu to ask for more information on how to use XDC solutions for your work. For automatic notifications you can register to the eXtreme-DataCloud release RSS feed or subscribe to the eXtreme-DataCloud Announce Mailing list. You can also socialize with us via Twitter, Facebook and join our LinkedIn group.