The eXtreme-DataCloud project is pleased to announce the general availability of its second public software release, codenamed Quasar.

The release notes can be found here.

The eXtreme-DataCloud objective is to develop scalable technologies for federating storage resources and managing data in highly distributed computing environments, and all the changes introduced were driven by this.

XDC-2 (codename Quasar) is the second step towards a set of stable components, integrated services and tools, pillars of the eXtreme-DataCloud framework. This release builds on the foundations laid by XDC-1 to provide new features and enhancements for many of its software components and services, as well as important new services:

  • Improved CachingOnDemand service with support to Kubernetes cluster configuration

  • “Fourth party copy” enabled Dynafed

  • EOS improved QoS interface and Converter Engine, including new QoS classes & API, and reworked Converter Driver supporting persistence storage (QuarkDB)

  • New OnedataFS python bindings that simplify and improve performance of programmatic operations on data located in Onedata spaces.

  • PaaS OrchestratorRucio integration for data movement

  • Rucio extended its authentication and authorization mechanism to support OpenID Connect protocol

  • New PaaS Orchestrator Dashboard web graphical interface for easy management of users’ deployments

  • The support to the OIDC protocol has been extended to all the components of the orchestration framework (based on INDIGO-IAM service).

The full list of products together with the installation, configuration guides and documentation can be consulted here.

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