Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET (, University of Science and Technology AGH (referred to as AGHUST) is one of the leading academic computer research institutions in Poland.

The research unit of the Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET AGH, together with the Department of Computer Science AGH, focuses on scalable distributed systems, cross-domain computations in loosely coupled environments, knowledge management and support for life sciences. The team took part in a series of successful scientific projects funded by EU, including CrossGrid, Pellucid, K-Wf Grid,, ViroLab and GREDIA. Other projects include gSLM and EDA EUSAS. Since April 2004 AGHUST participated in series of EGEE projects (I, II and III) and EGI-InSPIRE, being responsible for operations in Central Europe region including SLA enforcement and coordination of resource allocation activity in the project.

Currently, AGHUST is the coordinator of the PL-Grid project, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund as a part of the Innovative Economy Program (National Grid Initiative, Polish NGI –, with the goal to provide the Polish scientific community with an IT platform based on Grid computer clusters and cloud environments, enabling e-science research in various fields. The PL-Grid infrastructure is both compatible and interoperable with existing European and worldwide Grid frameworks. Currently AGHUST closely cooperates with and participates in EGI-Engage project. AGHUST computing centre CYFRONET is the most powerful computer centre in Poland offering all kinds of computer and storage resources to the scientists.